Sign our Online Advocacy Letter!

Join the Losign our petitionve Your Schools Advocacy Effort by signing our  online letter!

By signing this “thank you letter” your name will be printed out and delivered with the many post cards we are also getting signed.  It takes two minutes to sign – please do so now – and won’t you forward this to 5 friends to help us spread the word a meet our goal?



Join our Thanksgiving Advocacy Effort!

Love Your Schools ipost card front 2014s kicking off our latest educational advocacy effort this Saturday at Canandaigua Homecoming!  We felt it was the perfect time to show our gratitude for what our district offers and the role it plays in the success of our community.

We hope if you are attending Homecoming that you will stop by our Advocacy table and take a few minutes to sign a post card. We’ll take care of sending it to our lawmakers.

We want to express our thanks for the aid they did restore last year — and the work they are doing to help eliminate GEA and change the funding formula to be more equitable. And we want to encourage them to do more!

If you can’t be there Saturday to sign a card with us  – join our campaign by downloading a letter from our Downloads page on this site or Click Here ThanksgivingThankYouFlyerWEB final.

Click Here to find out your senators.  Click Here to find out your NY State Assembly Members.  Click here to get Dr. John B King mailing address — our  NY Commissioner of Education.

If you miss us at Homecoming – don’t worry – we’ll be setting up advocacy tables at upcoming school and community events between now and the week before Thanksgiving!

We are working on a gratitude social media campaign – so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for your time and effort.  Let’s keep the Pride Alive!  Educate. Advocate & Act!


vote stickerDid you get one of these stickers today? If not – there is still time. They are free. All they cost is you taking time to exercise your right to vote and help us keep a quality education in your school.  You can also ensure that the Wood Library will continue to meet the needs of our community!

According to a PEW research study – voters fall into four categories: Regular votersIntermittent voters; Registered but rare voters and Unregistered adults.  Regular voters make up of roughly 35% of the population — 20% of us don’t vote regularly and 23% of registered but rare voters make it to the polls most likely because they don’t know enough about what is up for vote (76% reported this as the reason).  And unfortunately 22% of our population are not registered so they can’t vote.

If you want more info on what the school budget vote is and the propositions go here.

Which category will you fall into today?  Please get out and vote!


act nowWe need all of us to ACT NOW.

Our state legislators are NOW FIRMING UP OUR STATE BUDGET. It was our impression that our Senators and Assemblymen/women were finally getting the message from us — that we need them to eliminate the Gap Elimination Adjustment quickly. We thought there was movement toward reinstating some of this aid to our schools. That is NOT the case.

On March 14 — it appears that the supportive rhetoric and promises of help have been broken, ignored or gutted by both the Senate AND the Assembly in their one-house budget bills.

Each house bill did precious little to restore the significant GEA deductions we all have had to bear over the past four years because they have introduced new proposals to channel that money elsewhere.

This has to stop and if you don’t do anything about it NOW – it won’t.

PLEASE click the links below and take a minute to call or email our Senator and Assemblyman NOW and ask them to NOT support this diversion of funds. We need some of that promised funding to come back to us – not go elsewhere.

Please – I urge you to do this now before you forget. You don’t have to attend a meeting – please just do this now. We can make a difference if our voices are heard.

CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE LETTER you can use for calls and e-mails/letters.

CLICK HERE for sample Tweets for your use.

CLICK HERE for contact information for state Senators.

CLICK HERE for contact information for state Assembly members.



We Want You …. to attend our next meeting!

we want you  We want you to attend our next Love Your Schools Meeting – Feb 6th in the Ewing Room at the Wood Library in Canandaigua.

Come join us as we  brainstorm how we can improve our May Celebrate Schools Rally (this year it will be May 17th) as well as organize our communications plans for school budget information; voter registration outreach and firm up plans for two roundtable discussions being planned with two of our legislators right here in Canandaigua!  (Yes, they answered our letters and you’ll get an opportunity to sit across the table and have a conversation about what is important to you!)

SOOOOO.. Please put this date on your calendar — we NEED you!

BRRRRR — meeting is on tonight!

freezing-temperature_t750x550Neither sleet, rain, snow or frigid temps can stop Love Your Schools from meeting to help ensure a high quality education continues in Canandaigua!  Our meeting is on TONIGHT  despite the school closure.  In fact, we were hoping that now that all school events have been cancelled – you all can join us now for our meeting at WOOD Library tonight from 7 – 8:30 pm.  We hope to see you there!  On our agenda is how we can get more folks involved in our efforts; what our priorities are for 2014 — as well as an update on our advocacy efforts (eduACTION activities) and a proposal for us to take a stand on Common Core.  We’ll also discuss plans for our May Celebrate Schools rally.  So join us for the conversation;  some sweets and possibly some hot beverages as well!

Meeting Jan 7th

mfeetingWe will be having a Love Your Schools Meeting Jan 7th at 7 pm at The Wood Library in Canandaigua.   Bring a friend or two!

Please join us so we can continue our efforts in 2014. We’ve been working with a few dedicated folks and really need more people to help if we are to have greater impact on educational advocacy and maintaining a high quality education in Canandaigua!